Analysis of Regional Pipeline Systems' Ability to Deliver Sufficient Quantities of Natural Gas During Prolonged and Extreme Cold Weather

Skipping Stone further investigates the Northeast's natural gas congestion problems in this analysis of the regional pipeline systems' ability to deliver sufficient quantities of natural gas during prolonged and extreme cold weather (winter 2017-2018) and the news is very good.

Analyzing the State of the Northeast's Natural Gas Capacity

In 2016, Skipping Stone performed an analysis regarding the need for a new PennEast pipeline proposed to ostensibly meet peak winter demand, and found no evidence that it was required. Skipping Stone has updated that analysis with the data from the most recent winter to date (2017-18) and presents its results.

Skipping Stone’s Capacity Center, which is synced with the Interstate pipelines’ data systems, is uniquely positioned to perform studies of this nature. With access to the pipelines’ flow data and peak contracted capacity, our consultants can answer almost any question you might have about capacity utilization, availability, constraints, and associated secondary market capacity pricing.

Author: Greg Lander

Sponsor: The New Jersey Conservation Foundation

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